Wednesday, May 23, 2012

World Wide Wackness?

Peace All!  So, it’s been a few months since I’ve been trying the online advertising thing.  Time for an update!

So far, I've joined three sites.  One of these I promptly un-joined – I’m sure you can guess what type of site it ended up being.  Of the remaining two, one is free, and the other is paid.  I actually have gotten more use out of the paid site, however there are more people that I’m actually interested in on the free site.  I’m not sure if this means I’m cheap or not.  I also placed an ad on Craigslist for a strictly platonic (yet oppositely sexed, e.g. oxymoron) concert buddy.  

I don’t mind telling y’all that the entire experience thus far has been like some bizarre socio-psychological experiment that I stumbled into. The questions you’re asked to define your character; the profile mini essays; the types of people you show interest in and the types that show interest in you - all of it says a great deal about who you are and who others think you are, as well as how we as group tend to behave when we are online and perceive little consequence behind or actions.  I went into this thing thinking that it would be easy compared to dating in real life (irl).  Not altogether so.  Simply having exposure to more individuals does not necessarily mean that there will be increased instances of interest.  For some reason this had not occurred to me.  Also, I felt that it would be less pressure to meet someone online since there is no obligation to respond to anyone’s advances.  This is quite contrary to irl where basic standards of decorum require that one go through the awkwardness of trying to let people down easy. However, it also failed to dawn on me that my chances of running into people irl that I have basically dissed onlinr is quite high since the majority of them are located in and around my area,  a large town/small city. I’m certain I’ve seen at least three people I already know on one site, and I’ve recognized a person from the other site irl (Don’t you just see everybody and their momma at Whole Foods?)!  These realizations freaked me out a bit at first.  But hey, I’ve already started, so I’ll let it run its course.  At any rate, let me share with you all a few of my early observations regarding online advertisement.

Meme-speak/texting short hand are often used to disguise a poor grasp of the English language.

If English isn’t your first language, that’s fine. Trust me there’s a growing sector of the American public which realizes that ability to understand English isn’t really the dividing factor between the potential for genius and mental retardation.  I'm fully aware that even if someone was a rocket scientist in their home country, there are folks in the US who would still treat that person like an annoying five-year-old stepchild just because they can't speak English well. I am not such a person, so I feel that gives me the leverage to say that use of meme-speak by grown men is not at all adorable. Stop it, right now. Same goes for texting shorthand when not texting. I write this for the benefit of native English speakers as well because I’m sure there are a bunch of John or Jenavias Smiths also doing this. 

Everyone online makes 100k+/year. 

You ain’t know?  Me either. Mom, Dad, School System - why was I not made privy to this information earlier?! In fact, it seems that many of these guys have managed to achieve this with fewer than four years of post-secondary education from I’ll Tell You Later University. I totally need to see if I can get my PhD from this institution.

"Diverse" dating interests means that men are willing to date brunettes, too.

I tend to think of this as DPIS, Disney Princess Idealism Syndrome.  It's a condition that affects men and women equally across the globe in their perceptions of beauty.  Of course I'm not specifically faulting Disney for anything; it's just a label. Take from it what you will.  I want to keep my options open and not overlook other races and ethnicities simply because African American men are more familiar to me.  But it seems as though very few men other than Black men (of which there are few - at least on the paid site) actually specified that they were interested in Black women. In fact, quite a few men who weren't White indicated that they were either interested in dating only White women or listed every other category of female under the sun except Black. I found that...interesting. Who one finds attractive isn't an exact science; you like who you like and don't like who you don't.  But to exclude an entire race of folks just on general principle is extreme and honestly not what I expected of non-White men.

In any case, for my part the going has been slow.  This is probably because I approach each situation in an ├╝bercautious manner, and rightfully so. I’m really not that hard to find irl once someone has even the tiniest scrap of personal information about me (Is anyone?).  I don’t need any surprises at my place(s) of work, learning, or residence.  There have been a couple of guys thus far that I'm interested in, so we’ll see how that goes.  In the mean-time, I'm still looking for a concert buddy for Duran Duran (yup, Duran Dur-effin-ran) this August. How could a person grow up in the 80's or 90's and not love them? 


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