Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot In The Ass.

Peace All!  So following my Young Buck encounter, my mindset regarding these people I’ve been meeting is a lil different.  I’ll confess that I was feeling the young dude a little too hard.  I blame this on my complete lack of interaction with the opposite sex for several years.  Those of you who know me might be thinking, “Several??? But you just broke up with someone not too long ago...”  Yes, I did, and I know what I said.  It’s accurate.  Take from that what you wish.  So this tall, young, gorgeous, Negrogyptian guy gives me a nice hug as we part from our first meeting, and it feels good - a little too good.  Apparently he’s a magician because he caused something to shift inside my head, and POOF! I turned into a dirty old lady.  Fear not, dear friends, of course nothing happened, not even close.  I’m in the habit of not putting myself in situations where such things might occur.  The issue is that a part of me desires that type of affection, and I fear it’s clouding my judgment! Of course this is partly the reason why I decided it was time for me to start dating again anyway.  I was hitting up Men’s Health and Details waaaay too often and at work, nonetheless! 

Been missing the bad boys lately...

In concept, it’s a race against time and myself.  I’m well composed internally; I can certainly resist temptation.  I won’t deny though that it’s becoming increasingly difficult of late. 

Onto the Updates!  The first candidate I’d like to introduce we shall call the Anglo#1.

James effing Franco...

I used to date a lot of White guys when I first moved to the Triangle; I actually still keep in touch with quite a few.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  This particular guy is mid-30’s, tall-ish height, stocky, and a chef.  Ability to cook is good.  I won’t deny that it’s not my favorite pastime. At any rate, we started out texting pretty quickly, and I found him really funny.  My sense of humour is umm…lol, so silliness is always a plus with me.  We arranged to go to the movies, and lemme just say that I should have known better when this person only had one picture of himself up on the free site.  Clearly it was taken back in 1996.  Even though I knew I wouldn’t be interested right off the bat, I was polite (exceedingly so because I was late), and we saw the film, Brave.  It was cute!  I enjoyed it.  He kept me laughing through the whole first part of the film.  We even made a date to see Finding Nemo in 3d together (I’m about done with Pixar since they won't stop making Shrek and Ice Age movies, but Nemo is hysterical). All was well, and I started thinking, “Well, let me have another look at him when we come out of the theater.”  Honestly, I didn’t find my ex, who is really good-looking, all that handsome on our first date; in fact he kind of creeped me out.  But I was able to see how attractive he was physically and mentally by date 2.  I thought maybe it might be a similar case with this guy.  Jon B., he is not, but you never know…  I want to be attracted to a guy certainly, but I’m not all about the looks.  As I started thinking this, we got hugged up a little, nothing too serious, but it was a nice little cuddle.  Then he kind of gently pushed me to one side and reached for his gigantic tub of popcorn sitting on the floor. I say “his” because I was pretty clear that I couldn’t eat popcorn since I’d just had oral surgery.  He sat it in his lap, and started going to town.  I’m talking popcorn falling everywhere, including on me.  Yes, I was dissed for some popcorn. I was truly offended.  “You don’t even know me!” I thought.  “I could be any kind of skank tryina do something in your car after this”   - which I’m not and wasn’t, but still. He wanted hold his popcorn instead of me?   Wow.  So after that moment, all his chances were shot.  I stayed til the end of the film and drove the long back way home through the hood.  Next contestant please…

After that I had another couple of dates with our old friend Asian3.  I have a lot to say about him, so I’ll save that for the next post.  Instead, I must tell you all about Puertorriqueño#2. 


I like this one.  He’s early 30’s, tall, handsome, intelligent, and very well employed.  We met via Craigslist.  Apart from my Duran Duran ad, I posted another on CL which was pretty much my quick profile spiel from the free site.  The responses were overwhelming, and I’m glad it only stayed up a couple of hours.  I worded it in a way that would allow me to sort the literate inquirers from the others, and this Boricua impressed me with his response.  He was just as articulate as I had been but not in a forced way. Aside from the people who responded with something like “what’s guud, shawty?," there were a couple which sounded like they had to pull out the OED to write their responses.  No thanks.  His writing seemed rather natural, and I took it as an indication of the possibility the he had studied at some reputable institution or was at least well read.  We exchanged a few emails, and I actually directed him to this blog lol, which he seemed to get a little kick out of it.  That was a little risky I suppose; the people I’ve dated haven’t generally been aware of this blog, but eff it.  The gloves are off.  I’m just going to be super open about my personality from the get go, and either a person likes it or they don’t.  It’s best to find out right away.
We exchanged some emails and worked up to texting.  By that time were all slang and silliness, which I enjoyed a lot.  His sense of humour is just as quirky as mine, AND he’s Floridian.  If you're not from Florida, I cannot begin to impress upon you all the gravity of the significance this has except to say that I have bonded with a number of people from my home state since I’ve been in the Triangle.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m right there with Petey Pablo repping NC, but Fla will always have my love.  Continuing on, so far so good!  We seem to connect in a way and have become friendly enough to become friends on Facebook (my real Facebook account!).  So is he looking like a good one?  I know he’d want me to say so lol.  I’ve very attracted to him. **VERY**.  However he lives someplace else – like waaaaay someplace else.  What do you guys think about the long distance thing?  It’s not a situation I can’t deal with, but I have before, and I know it presents a lot of obstacles.  Interacting online, via phone, whatever isn’t even the same as interacting irl.  You’re also not able to get glimpses of a person’s life over a distance as you would if you were dating someone nearby.  Still, my interest in this individual is fairly great.  I’ll let you guys know how things develop. 



  1. He sounds like a winner!! Lock him down shawty!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  2. Girl do not listento this fool. Lond distance is only good if he has a long D@!k to reach ya with.

  3. This week is National Smile Week, created to raise awareness about dental health. But there are other positive effects of smiling—how it feels good to smile or to be on the receiving end of a smile…how it puts us at ease...creates a positive environment…boosts immunity and reduces stress. Try smiling at strangers and see how it feels.

  4. That Puerto Rican guy is cute! What's his name?

    1. Ikr??! Fine-as-h#ll! Lol. I found that pic online; I assume he's a dancer. I'm not using pix of the actual potentials to preserve their privacy, but the actual guy is pretty hot too! His personality is nice as well