Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Caribbean Cuties!

Peace All! Let's get straight to it. After Asian3 and I decided to stop moving forward, I started to attract all of these Caribbean men for some reason. As much as I love Asian men, I have to say that Caribbean brothers also hold a certain attraction for me, having grown up in Florida surrounded by them. I can remember that the last time I visited my family in the Triangle as a teenager before moving here, I met a Domincan "guy" at the hotel we were staying at. We clicked instantly and, I believe my father caught us making out rather heavily/skankily that same evening. Yup. I was in full out teen rebellion mode. After that, though, I did not meet a single solitary male from DR, PR, or any place else in the Caribbean, save the stray New York Jamaican, until I started dating this past May. I know they're out there, especially those coming from Up North as the Triangle has made it onto some of those "best places to" type lists in recent years. However, these dudes just haven't come across my path for one reason or another. Hm. Could it be because I've basically lived, worked, and gone to school in the same neighborhood since undergrad? Probably. Yes I know I need to make an effort to get out of this hood more even though I'm busy. Online dating has definitely helped me to meet new people in that situation though, and has inadvertently brought the dadas and the papis out of the woodwork for me. Let me tell you about them.

Go ahead and get in, sweetie.  I'm coming...

I've spoken of this one before. He's the one from Florida who lives far away right now. Still, I like him a loooot. He's got a personality similar to my own: silly, random, semi hood, open minded, philosophic, educated, and about his business. We have a lot of similar interests. Being from Florida is the best! He's a familyish type though he's divorced, and he's a kind and supportive dad. He's very open and we talk about EVERYTHING. I won't front... I've broken some of my rules with this one. I won't say which ones, lol. We talk every day at least twice a day, but often damn near all day. His personality is so sexy. I just wish he was here.

I need him as my own personal manservant.
I actually met this young Trinidadian in irl, at a gas station lol. He had his car running unattended while he was inside making purchases. Wth? That let me know off top that he was from someplace else. I don't know where this type of behavior is deemed safe from robbery, but I'd hope that people in the Triangle know better. I gave him a friendly warning, and our conversation began there. Trini dude is 23...I know, I know. He's 6ft plus, sexy dark chocolate skinned, reasonably employed, fashionable...and then there's the accent - omg yummy! He's also super flirtatious and charismatic, taking to calling me his empress, his angel, and other nonsense that makes me blush uncontrollably. He's just relocated, so I've enjoyed showing him some of the little things I enjoy about the Triangle. We've walked dogs together on my favorite trail, hung out at my favorite park, gotten food from one of my favorite spots, and spoken about all kinds of random things. He's very attractive but soooo young.

A mouth like that is made to be pouty.

Yes, another Puertorriqueño.  This one was born in PR, raised in NYC. He, like so many Northerners, has moved to the South for work and harbors a certain superior attitude towards the South and Southern culture. I felt the need to rep for my folks, my city in particular. This is how we established our rapport. He's 6ft plus also, well employed, and also has a start up business that he works on in addition to doing some under the table web design for profit. I like a guy with a little hustle and ambition. He is definitely a grown man, and carries himself as such. I enjoy that. He's in his early 40's and takes care of himself very well. He's also well educated and well spoken but not stuffy. Nice. However his method of communicating is quite different from mine, and we frequently misunderstand each other. We're sorting through that situation though.

Yes, please.

This guy is half Jamaican, half Dominican, but his family has been based near the Triangle for a while. He's mid thirties, 6ft, a lil stockey but really strong. He's not super well employed, but he's exmilitary and receives money from that situation. Additionally he works two jobs to take care of some less fortunate family members. He's got two kids, one my kids' age and another about two years old. He's really attentive, and is definitely looking for someone to settle down with. He's a home owner in this area, and I can tell he's already envisioning what it would be like to have me there. But his family situation is a lot to handle. I commend him for being the kind of guy to step in and lead his extended family in difficult times. A man who doesn't take care of his family is not a man at all. However, I'm not sure if I want to involve myself in all of the chaos that this situation has the potential to bring.  I've been there before, so I'm wary of this kind of thing.

So what do you guys think? Each option has its pros and cons. I'm not looking for perfect, just great interaction and chemistry. I'm willing to work with a guy to see where things go. Who's your favorite and why?  I'm interested to know what you think.



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