Sunday, October 29, 2017

Moving ...

Peace, All!

Black Girl, Dating is getting ready to migrate away from Blogger because Blogger is wack and because BGD is changing a bit.  Stay tuned via twitter (@blackgirldating) and via Details are below.

I began this blog in 2011 as a means of chronicling my online dating experience. I had a lot of friends also starting to date online, so I thought I'd write as a means of moral support and as a way to poke fun at the awkwardness associated with dating.  If it turned out to be a disaster for all of us, at least we would have this blog to laugh at and keep us from feeling so bad.  So that was the premise: lighthearted descriptions of the search for men to date and of the dates themselves.  I'm not sure what I expected from online dating.  I had never done it before, but I'd also never really been single and looking before.  I had been in two long term relationships back to back from my teens to my late twenties.  In that respect, BGD was as much an exploration of dating (versus being in a relationship) as an adult as it was about the ins and outs of the whole online thing.  I worked on BGD pretty regularly for about two years until I had a life-altering family situation arise.  My mom died.  She was in the terminal stage of cancer by the time she was diagnosed, so I felt I was prepared for what would come.  I was really, REALLY not.  That was December of 2013.  It has taken me until just now to get myself on solid footing, and emotionally there are still some thing that are not quite as they should be.  It's a work in progress, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to grow.  

After having several requests to continue the blog, I've decided to restart it with a slight shift in focus.  In the beginning, I described myself as a young, professional, single Black Woman in her 30's seeking a soulmate.  That's still true.  I said that there’s nothing particularly special about this description until you consider the fact that there are a whole lot of us who fit into it -- a strangely disproportionate number compared to women of other races and ethnicities in the US.  In the original version of the blog, I wasn't really interested in examining why that is or discussing the barriers to healthy, productive, and long-lasting relationships with other people that exist in the Black Community and to some extent the broader world. The current version of BGD will address some of those things from a woman's perspective and take a look at what we (and I) mean when we say we want love or happy ever after because those things look very different to different people.  I'ma be real and laugh with it like I usually do.  I thank you in advance for reading and encourage you to be part of the discussion!

Peace and Blessings,
Aya   | 10.29.17

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